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Felipe Soberon WellAir Chief Science Officer

Schools’ Summer Assignment: Act Now on Air Quality to Prepare for Fall

With new Covid-19 subvariants spreading, public health experts are calling for indoor air quality improvements to ensure that classrooms are safe today and going forward.

I have four school-age children, and during the Covid-19 waves that rippled through the school year, every week or so at least one of their classmates was testing positive, which meant my wife and I then had to decide to what degree each member of our household should isolate themselves. It felt never-ending. So I know firsthand the upheaval and deprivation the pandemic has caused for students, parents, teachers and the broader school community.

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Brandywine Realty Trust Properties has deployed WellAir’s portable NanoStrike air disinfection technology in their highly-trafficked conference rooms at Commerce Square in Philadelphia’s Central Business District

WellAir Brings Clean Air Technology to Brandywine Realty Trust Properties

STAMFORD, CT – May 18, 2022 WellAir, a leading provider of indoor air disinfection and purification solutions, today announced the implementation of its solutions in the elevator cabs throughout Brandywine’s entire Trophy Class of buildings as many employees return to workplaces. Brandywine has also deployed WellAir’s portable NanoStrikeTM air disinfection technology in their highly-trafficked conference rooms at Commerce Square in Philadelphia’s Central Business District. 

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One Vanderbilt Announces Installation of WellAir’s Clean Air Technology as Workers Return

The tallest office tower in midtown Manhattan takes a thoughtful approach to indoor air quality as employees return to work.

STAMFORD, CT – March 15, 2022   WellAir, a leading provider of indoor air disinfection and purification solutions, today announced the installation of its Plasma Air HVAC air purification products in One Vanderbilt Avenue, the skyline-defining tower in the heart of East Midtown. The products have been deployed across its own office floors, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt and tenant and public spaces, including the lobby, transit hall, amenity floor and Le Pavillon.  

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cannabis grow

One Air Purification Technology Solves Several Cannabis Problems: Odor, Mold, Mildew, Bud Rot, and Disease

Odor abatement and disease control: For cannabis growers in the legalization era, these are the thorniest challenges. As local governments enact strict odor ordinances, new growers need viable odor-abatement plans to get licensed, while established facilities face stiff fines for odor violations. At the same time, growers must pass rigorous microbial testing or face massive revenue loss.

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Cool and Purified Indoor Air Environments, Even as the Mercury Rises

More and more frequently, when the mercury rises past a certain level, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will issue an air quality alert, warning parents with children, the elderly and people with respiratory issues who are most at risk to avoid the outdoors. But unexpectedly soaring temperatures can still arrive during autumn and increasingly so, in some regions of the world, in November and December.

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A Breath of Fresh Air: Solving the Challenge of Indoor Air Quality

As polluted air engulfs the rural areas of the United Kingdom, excessive smog closes schools and construction sites in China, and wildfires in North America send pollution levels skyrocketing, the quality of the air we are currently breathing is deteriorating on a global level and posing a serious threat to our health. In fact, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air pollution causes more than three million premature deaths annually around the world – a number that many experts expect to double in the next 35 years.

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Why HVAC Contractors Should Offer Air Purification to Homeowners

If you run an HVAC service, adding air purification to your list of services makes great business sense. Profit margins are significant, installation is quick, and – with air pollution problems on the rise everywhere – the market is huge. Almost every household can benefit from cleaner indoor air. One of the best options for homeowners to improve their indoor air quality (IAQ) is to have their HVAC contractor install PlasmaPURE right into their home’s duct system.

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Thirdhand Smoke – A Lingering Health Threat

The dangers of secondhand smoke are so well documented that indoor public smoking has nearly vanished. Clouds of tobacco toxins are typically boxed in—at cigar bars, casino smoking lounges, and designated hotel rooms—or banned completely, on school and business campuses.

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