A Breath of Fresh Air: Solving the Challenge of Indoor Air Quality

As polluted air engulfs the rural areas of the United Kingdom, excessive smog closes schools and construction sites in China, and wildfires in North America send pollution levels skyrocketing, the quality of the air we are currently breathing is deteriorating on a global level and posing a serious threat to our health. In fact, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air pollution causes more than three million premature deaths annually around the world – a number that many experts expect to double in the next 35 years.

Air Purification: A Growing Market

Beyond the severe circumstances described above, many everyday environments for work, education and entertainment with relatively low-level pollution are also affected by the general decline in breathable air, posing a threat to overall health, productivity and well-being. In many locations, contaminants including noxious gases, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), smoke, dust and pollen, mold, and the flu virus, pass through the air virtually undetected by inhabitants, as people are unknowingly exposed to a harmful, if not life-threatening environment.

To combat this growing challenge, the air purification and conditioning market is taking an aggressive approach to significantly reduce and even eliminate the danger of polluted air within indoor environments. By eliminating these pollutants and particles throughout the air, research studies, including that of Harvard University’s Center for Public Health and the Global Environment as well as the EPA have demonstrated a positive effect on the productivity and overall health of students and workers within clean atmospheres.

Mainstream society is becoming increasingly aware of the imminent threats of pollution. Today, governments around the world are cracking down on sub-par indoor air quality, and as a result, the air purification market growth is at an all-time high. Recent reports from Technavio, a leading technology research and advisory company, predict the global air conditioning market to grow at a CAGR of nine percent over the next four years. As building owners and operators scramble to take control of their indoor air quality, Plasma Air is driving improvement in indoor air quality by introducing innovative software that facilitates simple, affordable and efficient air purification processes.

Reducing the Cost of Ventilation Requirements

In response to growing awareness of the negative effects of pollution within indoor environments, today’s buildings are subject to minimum outside air requirements, designed to ensure the purity of breathable air within a given space. Compliance with this standard is often a costly endeavor as building engineers and owners are required to introduce increased levels of outside air that require heavy filtration and conditioning. To assist in meeting these standards, the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed equations designed to help reduce necessary outside air known as the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Procedure. However, even armed with this advanced procedure, another dilemma arises.

ASHRAE’s IAQ Procedure, while effective, is highly complex and difficult for many building owners and operators to execute. To combat this issue, Plasma Air has introduced award-winning software known as PlasmaSoft to take the guesswork out of the complicated calculations, providing simple, useful results that allow for faster implementation of compliant and affordable methods of proper ventilation, thus improving air quality while simultaneously reducing equipment and ongoing energy usage costs across the board.

Simply put, clean air is essential to a healthy environment and this reality is being taken more seriously than ever before by the general population. What’s been more difficult is finding ways to create a clean indoor atmosphere without breaking the bank – that is, until now. With the help of Plasma Air and its game-changing software, a healthy and comfortable breathing environment has become attainable, even within tight budget constraints.

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